Quarter Life Crisis

Quarter life crisis. is there such a thing? apparently so. What a funny century we live in. 40 is the new 20, teenagers cant wait to be adults and young adults are facing Quarter Life crisis. Yes there is a term for what 20 something year olds feel these days.  Remember when birthdays used to be something that we looked forward to all year and once it arrived was without a doubt the happiest day we had all year (that is till we did not  get the Xbox or the new cool gadget we wanted/asked for)

These days as we get another year older once we past 21 all we want to do is crawl into a hole and hide there in denial or hope no one remembers its our birthday. Yea well thanks Facebook for letting everyone know. So you wake up log onto your social media accounts and get bombarded with birthday wishes and suddenly birthday feelings get in the way of your quarter life crisis that you were hoping to dwell on today, too bad!

No one likes getting older and no one likes knowing that another whole year has passed and it seems to you have achieved absolutely nothing! what a waste eh, well guess what. That friend that is happily married and has 2 kids, the neighbour that has more degrees and qualifications then your Facebook likes, the cousin that just got engaged, all have one thing in common. They are not you. When God created us he made everyone of us unique which means that not only do we not look like another human on the planet, even identical twins have their differences, we do not have the same paths and journeys in life. How boring would it be if we all knew exactly what our futures were like because we all had to be alike and do and achieve the same things in life. there would be no point living.

The correct term is adulthood, no one can escape it. Go easy on yourself. Stop. Breath. Think. Start again. Slowly. You’ll be surprised at what happens once you stop and start noticing what you actually have going for you. Everyone even the person we think has it all envies someone else’s life so…live a little

Don’t worry. Be happy

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