Alone by Choice




“You should get out more often” Ever heard those annoying remarks from people when you know you do not need to “get out more often?”. Sometimes people want to be alone and only surrounded by one or two close friends out of choice and not because they do not have anyone to spend time with.

People sometimes like avoiding others not because they are being rude but because the thought of spending time on their own and doing thing at their own pace is heaven. ¬†Here’s what I learned after removing myself from the crowd for a year and had the epiphany that I was a loner and enjoyed it hit me. Being an introvert meant that I had no issue whatsoever with my own company.

Self Discovery.

one of the best things about spending more time on your own is it becomes a journey of self discovery, The kind that helps you get your life in order, with short and long term goals set. And planning the steps to achieve. It is a time for growth and spending time and energy investing in what is most ¬†important to you. This is ‘me time”. Getting yourself healthy inside and out. We get so anxious about not being surrounded by family and friends that we do not spend enough time alone to think.

Less Drama.

If you remove yourself from potential drama but it still follows you. Its not your fault. You may have made the mistake of causing drama for yourself or others in the past and this time alone will help you reflect and avoid future errors. we live on earth and you can not avoid drama for ever but not being the centre of it is better.

Solitude is Bliss

As the saying goes; Company is okay, solitude is bliss. there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be alone. Being alone does not mean you are lonely.


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